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Fall 2021 GPA Reports for IFC


By placing an emphasis on achieving high scholastic performance, we are able to strive for academic excellence, routinely placing our Chapter in the top 3 in grades for IFC. 


We offer several different scholarships for brothers and new members; these scholarships are split into three tiers:

  • New member scholarships

  • Merit based scholarships

  • Monetary based scholarships

Plan for Academic Success:

In order to collectively do well in grades, we require every member to get "study hours". Study hours are a time in which brothers and new members get the opportunity to study together. To track this, brothers download an app on their phones to calculate and track hours during the week. Through this method, brothers are held accountable, allowing us to fulfill one our four pillars - scholarship

Moreover, depending on the brother's GPA, study hours can range. Typically, our study hour program ranges from 2-10 a hours a week, depending on the brother's previous semester's performance. 

Quick Facts:

Chapter GPA: 3.28 - 3rd place out of 16 fraternities

New Member GPA 3.345 - 1st place out of 16 fraternities. 

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