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Jake Dobbins '20 

Vice President of Recruitment

“I grew up in Cleburne, Texas.   A smaller town south of Fort Worth.  My major is Advertising and I am working for minors in Communications and Digital Marketing. 


Growing up, I never would have considered myself as a “Frat Guy.”  I thought I cared too much about my grades and my future successes and that joining a fraternity would distract me from my goals.  Luckily, my sister persuaded me.  She said, “Just go through with the rush process and then from there, you can decide whether you want to join or not.  She was a Kappa Kappa Gamma at Oklahoma State University.  Going through rush, I met a lot of people from a lot of houses, but with PIKE it was different.  The first time I met the Gentlemen of Pi Kappa Alpha I wasn’t even supposed to be there.  I went with my roommate to check it out, and to keep it short, it blew me away.  I didn’t know it yet, but the men I met that day changed my life.  I knew that those were the guys I needed to surround myself with.  


Going through pledgeship, I soon realized that being a PIKE meant making yourself a better man.  We make sure that every man we meet follows our four pillars; Scholar, Leader, Athlete, and Gentlemen.  My grades would have been nowhere near what they are now if I hadn't found a brotherhood that stresses the importance of academics. I wouldn’t be in the Executive position that I am right now if the impact of Leadership hadn't been instilled in me.  I wouldn’t be in the shape I need, or as healthy as I could be without the mindset of staying an Athlete (shoutout Downtown Fitness).  And lastly, being a Gentleman is something that is taught while growing up, but surrounding yourself with 206 other Gentleman (more to come), makes me a better man than I was yesterday.


Rushing PIKE has impacted me beyond understanding, and has truly been the best decision of my life.  I wouldn’t be the person I am now without the brothers I have met during my time here.  Thanks to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my sister, the brothers of PIKE before me, and the brothers that will be at my wedding, I am now in the best situation that I could possibly imagine.  


I hope this saying leaves an impact and is used for Recruitment for many years to come. I will say it now, and I will say it again.  ‘Bleed the Garnet, Rush the Gold, Row the Boat’. ΦΦ.” -Jake Dobbins

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49-Man Pledge Class Fall 2019


53-Man Pledge Class Fall 2020


64- Man Pledge Class Fall 2021

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