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Dues and Member Societies

The Beta Omicron Alumni Association is excited to begin operating and hosting events for the purpose of helping Beta Omicron alumni reconnect. With that in mind, we have officially launched our dues an member societies that brothers can sign up for to donate. Dues are entirely voluntary, and all dues paid to the association will go towards hosting events for alumni to attend as well as support the undergraduate members in housing improvements they decide to pursue. The member dues societies are listed below:

  • The True Pike Society ($5 per month)

  • The 1920 Society ($19.20 per month)

  • Garnet Society ($50 per month)

  • Gold Society ($100 per month)

If you would like to sign up for recurring dues, please subscribe through the blue button below. One-time donations are also accepted and can be paid through the yellow button below!​ One-time donations can also be made by check made out to Beta Omicron Alumni Association and mailed to 2604 Woodruff Rd, Edmond, OK 73013.

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Housing Corporation

President: Nate Henry

Vice President: Charles Glenn

Secretary: Lawrence Carter

Treasurer: Geoffrey Long


Alumni Association

Alumni Advisory Board 

Chapter Advisor: George "Hub" Caldwell

Faculty Advisor: Dino Lalli

Operations Advisor: Dalton Cordell

Financial Advisor:Colton Steele

Miscellaneous Advisor: Rick Nagel


At this current moment, we are looking for alums to hold leadership positions for the the Beta Omicron Alumni Association. If you are interested in getting involved and giving back to Beta Omicron - please reach out to the Alumni Association President Colton Steele or (785-209-1437)

Click here to join the alumni group on Facebook.

Directory for living Beta Omicron alums

If you would like to have access to the directory of Beta Omicron alums for the purpose of re-connecting, please message Colton Steele.

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