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At Beta Omicron, we are always looking for parents who want to get involved. If you want to learn more about the Parent's Club or other information pertaining to the Chapter, please read below!

Details about the Parent's Club:

  • The Club will allow you to stay in contact and updated with Chapter operations and functions through quarterly newsletters while your son is away at college.

  • The Club will provide opportunities for parents to get involved with the fraternity, whether it be taking a leadership role in the Club; helping plan and/or participate in Family Weekend during the spring and fall semesters; or by providing financial support to the Chapter through fundraisers that will be hosted throughout the school year.

  • The Club will serve as a link between you and other parents as well, ensuring a more cohesive environment that will allow parents to congregate and engage in dialogue amongst each other, advancing communication when needed. Moreover, I will highlight our Facebook group down below so that you can join and start getting involved with other parents.

If you would like to join the Facebook Parent’s Group, please do so by clicking this link:

Common Questions and Answers:

How much are dues?

At Pike, dues are staggered per "years in the fraternity". 

  • 1st year: $1200

  • 2nd year: $1100

  • 3rd year: $900

  • 4th year: $600

How does the live-in situation work for my son?

After your son has completed his first year in Pike, he is expected to live in. The only exception to this rule is if A) your son does not meet the live-in requirements (which is a culmination of GPA and involvement in Pike/on campus) and/or B) the house capacity is already met. For example, only 45 brothers can live in the House; some brothers will not be able to live-in if their GPA/Involvement does not place them in the top 45.

Will rushing affect his GPA?

No! At Pike, we're very happy to announce that our brothers routinely beat the all-male campus average GPA. Your sons grades will actually improve while he's in the fraternity. 

What is the time commitment, per week, for my son while he's pledging Pike?

During your son's first semester in Pike, he will be expected to complete a certain amount of study hours a week (alongside his pledge brothers), participate in new member meetings (usually every Sunday night), and attend various brotherhood activities at the House and elsewhere. Some new members choose to also get involved with University Sing (which you can learn more about on the "Musicals" page under "About the Fraternity")!

I've heard troubling things about Greek Life in the past (specifically about hazing), does Pike promote such behavior?

During your son's first semester in Pike, he will gain valuable insight on the fraternity's history, our chapter's history, grow into someone who embodies our four pillars (Scholarship, Leadership, Athletics, and Gentlemen-like behavior), and become a better man in the process. Our new member process does not condone/support behavior that is detrimental to your son's health, future, or college-life.

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