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Our Chapter was founded in Room 217 at Evans Hall in January 1920. Since then, we have initiated over 2200 brothers into the brotherhood, making us one the most storied fraternities at the University of Oklahoma. 

History (1920-2013):

In the past 100 years, Beta Omicron has seen great success. Since our humble beginnings, we have made it our mission to continually set the standard while maintaining our strong sense of tradition. Because of this mindset, we have won countless awards for our on-campus efforts, given thousands of dollars back to the community through philanthropy events, routinely placed top 5 in grades, hosted memorable social events, and most importantly, created a brotherhood that will mold the next generation of men of into capable and responsible  leaders.


"In the early part of January, 1920, four men who had been firm friends were discussing the fraternity situation in the University of Oklahoma. During the conversation they arrived at the conclusion that there were not enough fraternities in the university to take care of all the fraternity material. These men became very much interested and decided that on the following Monday night a meeting would be held for further discussion. Each man was invited to bring some of his friends, and on the appointed night the meeting was held in room 217 of the Administration building" (excerpt from Shield and Diamond, 1920).

Throughout the Spring semester of 1920, the group of men petitioned to Pi Kappa Alpha Nationals for a charter; after having multiple dinners with the then-University President Stratton D. Brooks and other University officials, the charter was granted on September 24th of 1920.

Re-founding (2017-present):

After the chapter went in "silent" in 2013, a group of dedicated young men decided to 'recolonize' Beta Omicron at OU in 2017. After growing very quickly, Beta Omicron was reinstalled with a 75 man pledge class on April 27, 2019.

Since then, Beta Omicron has continued to create and foster a tradition of excellence. 

At Beta Omicron we do not condone or tolerate discrimination of any kind- including racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, etc.


In any given year, expect the PIKEs at OU to host the following events:

  • Fireman's Week: a weeklong philanthropy event dedicated to the Norman Fire department. We typically host a 5k on the South Oval, mini-games at the backyard at the house, and other fundraising activates throughout the week.

  • Pike Dream Girl Formal: For over 70 years, we have hosted the Pike Dream Girl Formal. Typically, this event is in the Spring, and members are encouraged to invite their dates, culminating in a huge social event in which brothers and their dates get to reminisce about the previous school year's activities and pick that year's Pike Dream Girl.

  • OU/TX Date Party: Every Fall, brothers travel to Dallas to watch OU beat Texas. During that weekend, we host a large-scale special event in which brothers and their dates get socialize and create wonderful memories. 

  • Bid Day Concert: At the beginning of every Fall, we celebrate the newest pledge class by throwing our Bid Day Concert. At this event, our newest signees and brothers come together and celebrate the fraternity's future. 

  • Toga Party: Every Spring, brothers host the annual three-day Toga Party. This tradition dates back to the earlier 50s.

  • The φφ Retreat: Once a semester, typically near Initiation for our newest members, we host a retreat for brotherhood bonding.

Lecrone BRos.PNG
kat pike dream.PNG

 IFC Baseball and Football Champions (1925)

Pat Bowlen.PNG

Brother Pat Bowlen (former owner of the NFL Denver Broncos) (1988)

hell week lol.PNG

Philanthropy Event (1955)

pledges 1947.PNG

Fall 1947 Pledge Class Photo


Brother Thurman White giving a scholarship to a Hungarian refugee (1956)


1977 Halloween Party

smc ww2.PNG

Wheeler Brothers' time in World War 2

newly built chapter house 1929.PNG

Two PIKEs on OU's Collegiate Football Team (1926)

Picture of Our Second House (1929)

PIKE Dream Girl from the Sorority Kappa Alpha Theta (1941)

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