"Anchorsplash" 2019 with Delta Gamma

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"Haunted House" 2020

No matter the event, we donate all of the proceeds to the Norman Fire Department Women’s Auxiliary. Pike nationally celebrates fire departments for their bravery and courage that they exhibit on a daily basis.


"Haunted House" 2019

For fraternity men nationwide, philanthropy is a huge deal; at Beta Omicron, it's even bigger. We actively strive to continually give back to the community by hosting fundraisers, planning philanthropy events, and participating in community service events in Norman every semester.

At Beta Omicron, it is tradition to hold at least one big, innovative philanthropy event every semester. During the fall, we plan, operate, and host a Haunted House philanthropy in October; and Fireman's Week in the spring - which typically includes minigames, a 5k on the South oval, a cookout with the fire department, and a raffle. 

Despite COVID-19, during the fall of 2020, we were able to raise over $1200 from our Haunted House Philanthropy, and over $2300 from our virtual raffle.


"Firemen's 5k" 2019